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2009-03-11, 04:42:02 Return...
Traffic Exchanges, Autosurfing Versus Manual Surfing
As a Website or Blog owner, or someone just starting out with their Website or Blog, one of the things that will determine the sucess of your Site is the amount of traffic you receive. No Doubt--You already know that, or will shortly. One method used to draw traffic to ones Site, is the use of Traffic Exchanges, and there are numerous Exchanges to choose from. These Traffic exchanges offer programs that are Autosurf, manual surf, or both. Whichever route you take, you are sure to draw traffic, depending on the time you spend surfing--Ton`s of It. However, this traffic may or may not benefit you, as you wish it would. Do you want to increase your traffic solely by increasing your numbers ( Stats ). Or do you have a product on your Site that you are selling---Via your visitors? I have used both the autosurf and the manual surf programs, and found that both have their value, which one has the most value to you depends on your needs.

Traffic Exchanges offer you a number of different Hit Ratios, Timers, refferal programs, Banner Exchange, and numerous ways to increase your Credits. Hit Ratio is simply the amount of return traffic you receive for what you have given. As an example--A 2 to 1 Ratio can mean that you will receive one view for every two views you give. Timers are clocks--they can be 10, 20, 30 seconds or any amount of time the Exchange determines. This timer will countdown, allowing you to either view the Website or Twiddle your thumbs. Banner exchange is usually offered also, the placement of your banner will cost you credits that you have earned surfing. Another method of earning these credits is through refferal. Every traffic exchange that I have used offered banners, buttons, or text ads for you to put on your Website or Blog to draw sign-ups.


Autosurfing is a great way to pile on the traffic to your Website, provided that you do not care whether your traffic even sees your Site. This method can be used to draw a large number of "Hits", without any time at all. Yes--there is a timer, but then it doesn`t matter, it will switch to the next Site whether you are there or not--Auto-Pilot. A common method used in autosurfing is to open up several Tabs, each with an exchange on it, and let her rip. Meanwhile you can be in the backyard mowing the lawn, or fixing the tree house. So, it is easy to see how you can build up alot of credits (visits) in a hurry, excellent if your looking to increase your numbers, however I find it has little value if you are looking for viewers, with the hope of promoting your product.

Manual Surfing:

Manual surfing does not mean your going to "Sell the Store" either. It does mean there will be someone sitting in front of the computor, whether they will bother to view your Site is another story. Manual surfing is simple, you start the surfing process, the timer counts down, and when the timer is done "YOU" click to the next Site and on and on. This can be more time consuming, however it does allow you to view the Site if you wish. It is possible that the viewer may spot something in the upper fold of your Site and scroll down. This possibility would not be there if he was walking the dog, while his Dell was autosurfing.

There you go---everyone has an opinion, and now you have mine. Both methods can give something, you can determine what that something is for you.

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